Myphone Agua Rio: My Personal Experience

It's been more than two months since I bought my phone. It is actually the best seller from MyPhone, the local brand in the Philippines, the Agua Rio worth Php 4,999. I bought this phone as recommended by some of my workmates. This is really a wise choice because I've known MyPhone as one of the best local brand with high quality yet with relatively affordable price.

What I like most about this MyPhone Agua Rio?
  • Cheap. This phone is just priced Php 4,999, but as you can read all over in the internet, it is full-packed with high specs.
  • Colorful. You can choose different variant of color. It is  available in green, blue, red, yellow, and orange. Mine is orange, and that's because during the time I was buying  only Yellow and orange were available. 
  • Big Screen Display. This phone has 5-inch HD IPS Display. It is much better watching videos in phone with bigger screen than in phone with smaller screen, isn't it?
  • Fast. This phone is already powered with a Quadcore processor and 1GB RAM. It is fast in actual use such as internet browsing, gaming, and watching videos from YouTube. I also occasionally use this phone as WiFi hotspot.
  • Camera/Video. I seldom use the camera of this phone but I think it is also good.
  • Jellybean. It is really nice if your phone has this OS; It is compatible with the latest apps from Play Store.
  • One Year Free Service Warranty. When you buy Myphone Agua Rio, you are entitled to one year free service in case you encountered problem. Of course that is limited to factory defects.
What I didn't like about this MyPhone Agua Rio?
  • Quality. Myphone has established itself as the best local brand of smartphone when it comes to quality, but this phone Agua Rio, with just over two months of use, is already showing signs of failure such as:  Error in downloading from Google Play Store, (it says my phone has insufficient memory but upon checking it has more than enough); Earphone was easily damaged, (even branded phone can have this problem too); Back cover was easily got stained, (You need to buy protective cover). I'll try to factory reset this phone and I'll update this post if it went Ok. But wait, I need to back up my files first.
  • Incompatibility. This phone just won't play some video format; it is very selective on type of video as well as audio file. I think you need to download available music or video player from Google Play. By the way, camera video is still in old 3GP format while picture is in JPG.
So far, that's my honest review about Myphone Agua Rio. Except for the above mentioned negative experiences, no other error is being encountered yet.

Do I recommend Myphone Agua Rio?

Yes, I still recommend Myphone Agua Rio. In fact some of my workmates are still enjoying it. You just have to take extra diligent care of it. Anyway some of the problems I had encountered were manageable. How about you? Have you encountered any problem with MyPhone Agua Rio? It's time  to fire back. Hit  me.