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Torque Mobile is another local mobile phone brand in the Philippines. It is the contemporary of Cherry Mobile and MyPhone. In my opinion, Torque has been left behind by the two mobile phone brands in the country in terms of popularity. Honestly, I myself aren't very familiar with some of the units released by Torque Mobile. But it doesn't mean that Torque Mobile as phone brand isn't deserving. In fact, this year Torque Mobile has been very aggressive marketing its new line up of smartphones. Below is the important details about Torque Mobile as brand in the mobile market in the Philippines.

Facts and History of Torque Mobile
  • The company was started in December of 2008 and was founded by Christopher Uyco, the CEO of the company.
  • Topstrasse Global Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Torque Mobile.
  • Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Carla Abellana, and Iya Villana are some of the past and present local celebrity talents tapped by the company as endorsers of the brand.
  • "Love Ko Torque" is the campaign slogan of this phone brand.
  • This mobile phone brand has released several Android smartphones in the Philippines namely: DROIDZ Smart, DROIDZ Inspire, DROIDZ Trend, DROIDZ Easy and DROIDZ Zap. Other phones by Torque Mobile include Torque DROIDZ Beat TV, Torque DROIDZ Force, Torque DROIDZ Quad, Torque DROIDZ Play 3G, Torque DROIDZ Blast X, Torque DROIDZ Atom S, Torque DROIDZ Avatar TV, Torque DROIDZ Atom X, and Torque DROIDZ Motion.
  • Torque Mobile has also Facebook Page and Twitter account. To keep updated with the latest happening  from the said brand, just like the Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.
  • Torque Mobile phones and tablets are surely manufactured in China.
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Cloudfone is one of the most interesting local phone brands to watch in the Philippines. Just recently, Cloudfone was tapped by newest mobile service operator ABS-CBNMobile as its partner to lure more subscribers. In the mall, you will see Cloudfone mobile kiosk in yellow and black color. Apart from that, I know you want more information about the said phone brand. Below are some of the basic information about Cloudfone.

Facts and Background of Cloudfone
  • President Eric Yu is the president of PhoneCo Mobile Technologies, the company behind the brand Cloudfone.  
  • Cloudfone has very limited information posted online regarding its beginning and history. I have managed to dig deeper and based on clues, I can estimate that Cloudfone was founded on 2010. 
  • Cloudfone has released several popular smartphones namely: CloudFone Thrill 430x, Cloudfone Thrill 550q, Cloudfone Thrill 530qx, Cloudfone Thrill 501q, Cloudfone Excite 502q. Its tablet is under the branding Cloudpad.
  • Xian Lim is the celebrity endorser of Cloudfone.
  • Cloudfone is definitely a China made products.
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Cherry Mobile is another popular local phone brand in the Philippines. It is the number one local phone brand in the country in terms of number of sold units, and that's because of its very affordable price even to ordinary household members. But how well do you know Cherry Mobile? Below are some of the facts, history and information about Cherry Mobile.

Quick Facts about Cherry Mobile
  • Cherry Mobile is a Filipino mobile phone and tablet brand being distributed by Cosmic Technologies. The said company is buying phones and tablet manufactured in China and selling those under Cherry Mobile brand. "Values Your Lifestyle" is the company's marketing slogan.
  • Who founded Cherry Mobile? Maynard Ngu founded Cherry Mobile in 2008 and the rest was history. Cherry Mobile has made huge impact locally by offering super cheap phones forcing well established brand to also offer low-priced smartphones. 
  • Cherry Mobile has released some popular smartphones and tablets in the Philippines such as the following: Octa-Core Android Phones namely- Cherry Mobile OMEGA INFINITY, Cherry Mobile COSMOS Z2, Cherry Mobile MAGNUM S, Cherry Mobile COSMOS ONE, Cherry Mobile EXCALIBUR, Cherry Mobile PULSE; Quad-core Android Phones namely Cherry Mobile OMEGA HD 2X, Cherry Mobile COSMOS Z, Cherry Mobile COSMOS X2, Cherry Mobile TITAN Pro, Cherry Mobile COSMOS S, Cherry Mobile EQUINOX NIGHT, Cherry Mobile COSMOS X, Cherry Mobile COSMOS U, Cherry Mobile ULTRA; Dual-core Android Phones namely- Cherry Mobile W900 LTE , Cherry Mobile OMEGA HD, Cherry Mobile TITAN TV, Cherry Mobile OMEGA, Cherry Mobile FLAME, Cherry Mobile SKYFIRE, Cherry Mobile TITAN, Cherry Mobile EDGE, Cherry Mobile BLAZE, Cherry Mobile HYPER, Cherry Mobile THUNDER, Cherry Mobile BURST, Cherry Mobile FLARE, Cherry Mobile LIFE, Cherry Mobile AMBER, Cherry Mobile GEM, Cherry Mobile MARBLE, Cherry Mobile EMERALD, Cherry Mobile RUBY. These mentioned Android phones are just some of the units released by Cherry Mobile.
  • Cherry Mobile has also released smartphone operating on Windows platform.
  • Cherry Mobile past and present celebrity endorsers include the following: Sarah Geronimo, John Lloyd Cruz, Robin Padilla, Kim Chiu and Anne Curtis. Oops, even I was surprised to know that Kris Aquino has become one its endorsers.
  • Cherry Mobile has huge social media following. This brand has social media accounts such as Facebook page, and Twitter.
  • Cherry Mobile products are now being sold internationally. According to its official Facebook page, it has already offices in Thailand and Myanmar. In fact, Cherry Mobile Myanmar already has official Facebook page with over 10,000 likes.  
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I used to subscribe to Smart's one-day unlimited mobile internet offering. Sometimes, I even register to one-day LTE unlisurf promo eventhough my phone isn't LTE-enabled. And yes, my phone has got an internet connection. Lately, I have been busy because of my work's demanding schedule. I have noticed that my usual one day unlimited mobile internet connection is somewhat being wasted. Thus, I think of ways on how to minimize my internet cost without sacrificing my needs for internet. I have tried several other promos from Smart but I think what fit my lifestyle is the Flexitime promos. 

Smart has several Flexitime offers on the list below.
Currently, as I write this post, I am still subscribed to Flexitime 50. Flexitime 50 gives me 5 hours mobile internet connection, and that's valid for three days. In average, I can have more than one and a half hours internet access. That's sufficient enough for my basic internet needs such as reading news, updating this blog, and visiting my accounts on different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and among others. Another good thing with Flexitime is per minute charging of transaction plus you can share your data access to anybody with the tethering feature of smartphone. This is really great offer, isn't it?  You can easily budget your subscriptions. Before I forgot, there are two ways on how to register to Smart Flexitime offers. You can send text "Flexitime 50 to 2200", or just go to SmartBro dashboard and click on Flexitime 50. You need to confirm your subscription prior availing the said offer.

With regard to speed of the internet, Flexitime 50 gives me slow internet connectivity. As per apps on Android, download speed is below 0.4mbps and upload speed is even lower than that. 

Have you tried any of this internet promo from Smart? What can you say about it? Please comment below.

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It was several years ago when I first heard this phone brand. It had a commercial before being aired during commercial break of Philippine Basketball Association. The said ad from Myphone was featuring its dual SIM phone units being the pioneer to offer in the country. During that time, mobile phone was still very expensive and only few could afford to buy. MyPhone has broken that custom and offered very affordable units. Since then, Myphone has become traditional brand of phone in the Philippines, and it is now considered as top local phone brand in the country today. But how far do you know Myphone as phone brand? 

Below are history, facts and information about MyPhone
  • MyPhone is technically a home-grown Filipino brand. You won't find this brand in other countries.
  • MyPhone was founded by Mr. David Lim in 2007. Mr. Lim was dubbed as the "modern day David" because he dared to battle against giant and established phone brands in the country such as Nokia, Sony Ericson, Alcatel and Motorola.
  • MyPhone has only three models and 15 dealers during its first year when it got started. Now, MyPhone has huge impact in local mobile phone market in the Philippines. Almost all major phone sellers in the country today are offering MyPhone.
  • MyPhone was the first: to offer dual sim phone in the country; develop customized Cory and Ninoy phones in honor of the great Filipino icons of democracy; introduce music albums featuring OPM artists; and develop a mobile phone with a built-in fake money detector in support of the anti-counterfeit campaign of the Bangko Central ng Pilipinas.
  • According to the information I have read from the internet, as disclosed by MyPhone Facebook page, it has exclusive contract manufacturer in China. Meaning, it is not mere rebranding China phones rather it is designing its own phone. With this setup, it can also monitor the quality and can make quick adjustments.
  • My Solid Technologies & Devices Corp (Myphone) is the company behind MyPhone. It has business address at 2000 Solid City. Km 16 East Service Rd Bicutan, Paranaque City, 1700 Philippines
  • Today, MyPhone is among the most popular mobile phone and tablet brands in the country. MyPhone has released several pouplar smartphones such as the following: Rio Series composed of Agua Rio, Rio Lite, Rio Craze, and Rio Fun; Ocean Series composed of Ocean Lite, Ocean Elite, Ocean Mini, and Ocean Pro; Iceberg Series composed of Iceberg Slim, Iceberg Mini, and Iceberg; Rain Series composed of Rain 2G and Rain 3G; and the Infinity Series composed of Infinity Lite and Infinity and Infinity. Other MyPhone units released earlier include also the following: Vortex, Hail, and Storm. Apart from those mentioned smartphones, MyPhone also released the now phased out units such as the A919, A888 and among others.
  • MyPhone's present and past celebrity endorsers include Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Coco Martin, Dennis Trillo, Tom Rodriguez, and Piolo Pascual.
  • MyPhone has several social media accounts to follow such as Facebook, Twitter,
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