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Last time, I featured Oppo Mobile phone brand in this blog. Oppo Mobile is one of the China smartphone brands making noise by successfully penetrating the already crowded smartphone market. In this article, I will feature Xiaomi as brand of smartphones. It was only this year 2014 when I heard this phone brand from China. Below is the internet research I have conducted to know this smartphone brand from China.

Quick Facts about Xiaomi
  • Xiaomi Inc. was the company behind Xiaomi Smartphones. It is only founded in 2010 but according to its official website, it is now one of the most successful technology firm in China. The company has now over 3,000 employees and currently valued at $10B.
  • The founder of the said company is its current CEO- Lei Jun, China's 23rd richest man according to Forbes. 
  • The company portfolio of products includes: Xiaomi Phones: high quality and performance Android devices; MIUI ROM: highly customizable ROM that can be flashed across multiple Android devices;  MiTalk: a preeminent messaging application; and MiBox-A smart set-top box the enriches your TV experience.
  • Xiaomi has released several smartphones in the market. These smartphones include the following: Xiaomi Mi3; Xiaomi Mi4; Xiaomi Redmi 1S; Xiaomi Redmi Note; Xiaomi Hongmi Red Rice; Xiaomi MI-2; Xiaomi MI-2S; Xiaomi Mi 1; Xiaomi Mi 1S, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. These mentioned Xiaomi smartphones were included in the Top 10 Xiaomi Smartphones in India made by Rediff blog.
  • “Just for fans” is the slogan of Xiaomi. According to the company website, most of its staffs were initially fans before they decided to Xiaomi.
  • The company logo which has an initial MI stands for mobile internet. 
  • Xiaomi is also dubbed as "Apple of China" and according to the latest news, Xiaomi has already overtaken Samsung as the number one phone brand in Mainland China.
  • Xiaomi has official website in the Philippines and social network accounts to follow such as Facebook, and Twitter
Did I miss important details about Xiaomi? The comment box is just waiting. Please comment below. 
Oppo Mobile is relatively new in the Philippine market. Actually, I became aware of this brand only months ago when it had frequently appeared on TV ads as sponsor of just concluded FIBA World cup held in Spain. So I made a quick internet research to know more about this particular phone brand.

Quick Facts about Oppo Smartphone brand
  • According to the information I researched online, Oppo isn't a local brand. It is a global brand. The company already has long history of serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia. As for mobile phone segment, the brand has been on the market since 2008, that's about six years of business.
  • Oppo Electronics, the company behind Oppo Mobile was founded by Tony Chen in 2004 and has a headquarter in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.
  • Oppo isn't yet popular among mobile phone users in the Philippines but in some part of Asia, it is already known. This smartphone brand is slowly entering some of the lucrative markets in the world. Just recently, LatinPost has reported that Oppo is entering the Mexican market. In India, Oppo has tapped Bollywood actor for its aggressive marketing strategy. In Bangladesh, Oppo was reportedly launching the brand last June.
  • Some of the popular smartphones released by Oppo Mobile are the following: Oppo N5; Find 7; Find 5; and the N1. For the complete list of Oppo phones, GSMArena has a better list so just go straight to this link if you'd like to see them all.
  • Oppo was reportedly said to be the second most profitable phone company in China last year (2013). That's according to press release by the company. 
  • Oppo has Philippine based website and social media accounts to follow such as Facebook page, Twitter (@OPPOPhilippines) and Instagram. 
  • Oppo is a China brand.
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The more, the merrier. And yes, another smartphone brand will try to capture apiece of already saturated Philippine smartphone market. BLACKVIEW, have you heard this smartphone brand? Don't be left behind. Blackview will be the next smartphone brand to be distributed locally in the PHILIPPINES.

Just recently, I have received an invitation through an e-mail from the said company. According to the information stated on the said invitation, Blackview will have Grand Launch of smartphones at Park Ballroom, Century Park, Hotel Manila on October 23, 2014. I felt honored to be invited to such event. Imagine, I’ll be one of those who would first know regarding the newest brand of smartphone in the country. That's awesome, isn't it?

But I decided not to attend the said event. Other companies had also sent me similar invitations before, and I chosen to ignore. First, I am not sociable, actually I am shy type person. I haven't been to fabulous place like Hotel Manila. Second, I am working full time and being required to render overtime almost daily. Chance is, I won't have extra time for that.

Background of Blackview Smartphone

Having received an e-mail from them was the first time I heard this brand. I did a quick internet research about Blackview smartphones and below were the informations I have just found out.
  • Blackview is not yet popular brand in the Philippines but outside the country, it is. In fact, several popular forums are already talking about this brand such as in XDA Developer.
  • Blackview smartphones are already available for online purchase from several online sites outside the Philippines such as in Geekbuying, and Comebuy.
  • Blackview Smartphone is a China brand based in Hongkong. 
  • Shenzhen JEKO Communication Co LTD. is the company behind Blackview Smartphones. As mentioned earlier, the said company is located in 625 Natha Road, KLN, Hongkong.
  • This brand is not the typical cheap China brand phone. It is being exported to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, EU, America, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Philippines.
  • Blackview has official Facebook pages in the Philippines, and in Hongkong
  • Blackview Facebook page in the Philippines is already offering some of the smartphones such as Blackview Crown, Blackview Arrow, Blackview V3, Blackview JK900, Blackview JK450, and Blackview DM550.
Oppo N3 is one of the upcoming smartphones from Chinese mobile phone company Oppo Mobile. According to report from various sources, this phone is said to be made out of aerospace material. Another clue regarding the build of the phone is the written phrase in the photo saying the lightest metal on earth posted on Oppo's Weibo account- that is Lithium. But Lithium alone is not a suited material for phone building purposes due to the fact that it is a highly reactive material. 

GSMArena guessed the build of the phone to be made out of Aluminum-Lithium alloy. Another blog Load the Game has concurred the said probability.

There's no detail yet regarding the specs and price of Oppo N3 but since it is considered as the successor to Oppo's N1, we have to expect higher and better specs than given below's specs of N1. It is believed that Oppo's N3 will be announced on October 3 during the Oppo's Event.

Oppo N1 Specs:
  • 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad Core
  • Adreno 320 GPU
  • RAM 2GB
  • 16 / 32 GB
  • Battery capacity 3610 mAh
  • 5.9-inch IPS screen display
  • 13MP camera
  • Full specs here
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