iPhone 6S Problems- as reported by users

Launched last month, the new iPhone 6S is now available in the market and according to some report, Apple has just set a new iPhone sales record with this device. In terms of specifications, the iPhone 6S is much better than its predecessors- it is faster, more durable, and more superior. But it doesn't mean  that  this device is flawless. No one is perfect so is the iPhone 6S. There are reports from the web that some users are encountering issues with the newly released iPhone 6S. 

Below are some of the problems of iPhone 6S

Unresponsive 3D Touch Display. TechTimes has reported this issue quoting a forum member from McRumors. According to the said report, the user encountered this problem and the usual hard reset didn't solve the problem. 

Overheating Home Button. Heat is a problem in every electronic device. In case of iPhone 6S, it is related to the home button. Reports said that some iPhone 6S users complained about the touch button getting very hot and the device couldn't be turned on as a result. Fixing of this problem can be done by resetting the handset (holding town the power and home buttons for 10 seconds). 

Automatic Turn Off. Without any warning, the iPhone 6S just turn off automatically. This was also reported by some users. And BGR report said that this problem seemed not related to the overheating of the Home Button.

Speaker Sound Problem. Some users also claimed having problem with the sound of the speaker  of iPhone 6S. This problem according to the source was when the volume set to maximum. The speaker sound seemed distorted when played at its maximum level.

Have you encountered any of those problems? Are you having issues with your iPhone 6S? Please comment below.