How To Disable Updates in Windows 7

Windows Updates are important, for so many reasons to tell. Microsoft always advises its clients to enable the automatic updates to its operating system. There are several reasons why Microsoft do always suggest this to clients. For one, it helps the computer more secure from malicious attacks from the internet and viruses that is harmful to the computer. Another reason, not only do the updates prevent problem but these also fix known issues and bugs.

But in my case, based on my personal experience, Windows Updates on my HP Mini netbook is a little bit annoying. It always does pop up, almost every time I turn my computer on, and as well as prior turning it off. This issue affects my productivity as it keeps me on waiting mode, consuming my time. I feel that Windows Updates hurts me more than it supposed to help. Thus, I decided to disable the Windows updates on my PC.

I have read this tutorial on and it works fine on me. I suppose this would also do the same on you.
  1. Click START. At the Windows Search feature, type services.msc. A gear with 'Services' word will be seen, just click it and a new window will appear. (see below). 

  2.  Double click the Windows Update. Again, a new window will appear. At 'General' menu, select the "Disable" as seen below and click Apply.