Apple's iPhone SE Bluetooth Issue, Distorted Audio on Phone Calls over Bluetooth

Apple's iPhone SE was released months ago, the latest iteration to its popular iPhone series. Specs-wise, not much improvement was introduced on the said phone. Basically, it was just a miniaturized iPhone 6S, having 4-inch touch  screen display.

Barely months old, however, some users of this phone from Apple have already begun experiencing problems, specifically on bluetooth issue or problem with audio quality when bluetooth is paired with some cars, user at Apple Support made mention of 2014 BMW 328i, 2011 Kia Optima, and 2015 Kia Santa Fe.

Another user from the said forum said he had exactly the same issue. According to that user, he had synched the 64GB iPhone SE with 2015 VW Tiguan and all calls he made were distorted to the point of unbearable. 

"I'm having a similar issue to Robert some slightly different variables but I think ultimately sounds like the same issue.  I have 2 different bluetooth headsets a Plantronics Discovery 975 and a Plantronics Voyager Edge and with my iphone 5S no audio issues but currently with my new iphone se it almost sounds like the person on the other end is so loud its distorted.  Even at mid volume the issue is extremely noticeable. I never had any issues previously and was running both iOS 9.3.1 with both phones.  I can pair the headsets on my old phone or my girlfriends 6S and have no problems but I don't know why on my brand new phone the audio is terrible.When using my beats wireless headphones paired via bluetooth i have no issue with streaming music. My next test will be to use the beats and complete a phone call.", said another user.

"I picked up a Space Gray iPhone SE 64 when the Apple Store opened on 3/31. I was really looking forward to getting back to a pocketable iPhone form factor from my iPhone 6. I am on the phone all day for business. I have several over-the-ear boom mike Bluetooth headsets that I have used for years with various iPhones. The sound quality has always been excellent. Bluetooth headset telephone audio quality from the SE is distorted to the point of being unusable on all of my headsets. The proof (to me, at least) is that I can unpair them and pair them back to the iPhone 6 and make FaceTime audio calls without a problem. After some experimentation with various callers, it appears that this is a reception-only problem from the SE to the Bluetooth device." shared by a user named kpeex at MacRumors.

Have you encountered similar issue, audio quality problem when bluetooth of iPhone SE get to pair with other devices? How did you solve the problem? Please share your experience.