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How to unblock GPRS-Blocked Smart SIM Card?

I am using Droidvpn for several months now for free access mobile internet. But sadly speaking, I think Smart Communication is really "smart" because as of this writing, the number of GPRS-blocked Smart SIM Card that I have is already six. Yes, I have six Smart SIM cards that are GPRS-blocked.

So I tried several ways to unblock those SIM Cards that I have by searching different Tips and Tricks on how to outsmart Smart Communications.

Finally, I found one that works for my sim card. Sadly, out of six GPRS-blocked Smart Sim Cards that I have, only one works and got GPRS restored or unblocked. So what am I saying right now am that while it works for me, there's no assurance that the procedure works for you too. As I have stated earlier, only one got alive. But it is somehow worth trying also. So here are the steps:

1. Send GPRS ON to 211. (A text message reply from Smart will go like this- MMS/GPRS/3G Service Features are already active. Thank you for using our service.
2. Send Roam off to 333. (Prepaid roaming will be deactivated in a few minutes. Thank you for using our service- I am not subscribed to roaming service so I also wondered why?)
3. Send GPRS On to 211 three times.
Send MMS On to 211 three times also.
Send 3G On to 211 three times also.
4. Turn off your mobile phone for about 30 seconds and turn it on again.
5. After turning on, browse the Smart website, then tap the Droidvpn in similar manner you are using the service before. Then by this time, you must be connected to internet again.
Just in case this does not work, why not try calling *888- Smart Communications hotline. Just tell the customer service representative that you cannot browse the internet. Just tell them that the Smart SIM Card that you are using was just given to you by your workmates.

Another methods

1. Text Roam Off to 333, then turn off and then on your mobile phone.
2. Text 3G on to 211  then turn off and then on your mobile phone.
3. Text Off to 211, then text Set GPRS to 211.

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