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Can't Download any app on Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570 after factory reset

Are you thinking of having your Android device "Factory Reset"?, then you must think twice now. I am currently experiencing serious trouble regarding my Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570. I simply cannot download any app into my mobile phone after doing factory reset. The Android Market place just stuck into it which supposedly has to upgrade normally to Google Play once data connection was detected. Prior to this, I have already done several times "resetting or restoring" my Samsung Galaxy Mini to factory settings. All other features of the phone are working except that I cannot download any app. 

I think I have already done all possible solutions such as "restoring again to factor settings". 

According to some forums, it seems that this problem is common to Android devices including other brand such as HTC, and  Motorola. 

Here's the possible solution posted by one user at Google products forum.

1) go to settings>applications>manage applications>all>google services framework>clear data 
2) go to settings>applications>manage applications>all>market>clear cache and force close 
3) go to settings>applications>manage applications>all>market>clear cache and clear data 
4) Reboot phone 
5) Open and sign out of GTalk, then re-open and sign in. 
6) Open Market and accept agreement. Let it load your apps. Close Market. 
7) Go to and sign in. Go to My Market Account>Settings tab>Edit>Nickname your phone and click Update. 
8) Install an app from 

But this does not work to solve my cellphone issue.

Similarly one user in Google forum is encountering almost similar problem I am encountering right now.
I have just completed a factory reset on a Samsung Galaxy S and chose to backup my data before starting.  Before the reset, you are asked if you want your data backed up and if you want to do an automatic restore afterwards.  I chose not to do either option.  Now I cannot download any free applications which I had previously downloaded, I can see them listed in the Android Marketplace and I have manually downloaded all paid apps.  Does anyone know how I can resync by phone and have these applications download?  They are listed as installed, but even if I select them to uninstall, nothing happens..
Another user in Android Stack Exchange had the same issue
I am using an HTC Wildfire S with Android 2.3.5. Recently my Android Market got automatically updated to the Google Play Store. I had to factory data reset due to some problem, Now I can see Android Market in phone and Android Market isn't updating to Google Play thus I am unable to access Google Play. I have already logged into Google Account in my device.
But guess what? According to some users, this was just normal. And after waiting for some time, it will eventually update itself to Google Play store. Hmm,,ok, I guess I really have to wait for that "some time" but till when? Anyway, patience is a virtue. How about you? Have you experienced the same problem not able to download any app via Google Market or Google Play after doing factory reset or hard reset? Please share your story by commenting below.

Just an update, after waiting for less than four hours, I was able to download again. Just keep your device connected to internet for several hours then everything will be alright.