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Starmobile Astra, Bright and Crystal: Specs, Price and Overview

Starmobile is another local brand distributor of  mobile phone and tablet in the Philippines. If Cherry Mobile has Flare, Titan, Flame, Blaze, Skyfire, Omega; and Myphone has A919 Duo, A818 Duo and among others; Cloudfone has Thrill 430x, Thrill 500g and Thrill 430g; Starmobile also has its own fleet of smartphone ready to compete in the smartphone race in the Philippines. 

The Starmobile has Astra, Bright and Crystal as its own flagship of smartphone. Below is the specification of each unit.

Starmobile Astra
Starmobile Astra is powered by 1Ghz dual core processor and runs on Android 4.0.4 or Ice Cream Sandwich. It is equipped with 4.3 inch IPS display suitable to its 8MP main camera with LED flash and VGA front camera. It has 1500maH battery. The internal memory storage is rated at 4GB and RAM of 512MB. Just like the traditional non-brand China phone, this is also Dual Sim phone with TV tuner, and contains the basic features of an entry level Android Phone. This phone is priced Php 6,990.

Starmobile Bright
This phone is not as powerful as the Starmobile Astra. The processor is very low for today's smartphone race at 1Ghz. The camera is also much downgraded  at 3MP combined with VGA front camera- just suits its 3.5 inch Capacitive Touch Screen display. The battery is good at 1500maH considering that it has smaller screen compared to Astra. The internal phone storage is 4GB RAM combined with another 4GB ROM. It runs on lower Android 2.3 or Gingerbread. Similar to other Android run devices, this device has also unique features such as tethering, and among others. It is currently priced Php 4,990.

Starmobile Crystal
This smartphone from Starmobile has it all. The main camera is rated at 8MP combined with 2MP camera- suitable for photography. It also boasts the the 4.5 IPS Capacitive Touch Screen. The processor is 1Ghz dual core running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The battery is also an upgrade at 1700maH to compensate the power usage of its bigger screen. Other feature is almost similar to other Android phone. It is still priced at Php 7,990.

source: Starmobile