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Pages is down again? is inaccessible once again. This time, it has been for several days now and the website downtime is becoming more often as I have observed lately. The first time I encountered inaccessibility of Symbianize was last December. So what happened to Symbianize?

According to the announcement via official Facebook Page of Symbianize, the website is currently encountering problem with the web host.

This is eduard816, Moderator of, I received a message from Sir Marquess and I quote "Meron problem sa WebHost asahan na aasikasuhin ko ito as soon as possible."
Moderator of

Symbianize is one of my favorite sites. In fact, I have an account to the said website. It is also one of my sources of information in this blog. It is a forum site where Filipino internet users can interact with each other. It includes turorials, tips and even sharing of files. There are several good things which benefits its users. Through Symbianize, you will learn several things. But as we all know, the said website is hosting contents which violate certain laws especially with regards to copyright. You can download movies there shared by several users. There are also books which one can easily download. There are also "for adults section" which tackles content for matured people only.

With down for several days now, I know many are affected. In fact, several fans of the said website are already complaining. As of this writing, still I cannot access the said website. To all Symbianize users, let's hope the said website will operate again.