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CarCrazee- Free app for Car Enthusiasts by Applabs

CarCrazee is an app dedicated to car owners, collectors or enthusiasts who would want to share photos of their automobiles. It was developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc-an applications development company in the Philippines, and downloadable for free at Apple Apps Store. At the moment, this app is not yet available to Android run mobile phones but according to email  press kit attachment, this will soon be available at Google Play.
CarCrazee app has the following features listed below.

Social Networking Capable
“Zoomers” was coined by the developer of this app to identify the followers. "Zoom in" means to follow fellow car enthusiast and “Zoom out” to simply unfollow .
Facebook and Twitter Enabled Sharing
Images and Photos available on Carcrazee can also be shared via Facebook and Twitter. One can also invite friends on said networking sites to become "Zoomers" too.

News Feed
This button empower the users to be aware of the latest news and trends in automobile industry

Unlimited Number of Albums
CarCrazee allows the user to have unlimited photo albums. And to have better organization of images, users are required to have only 10 photos per album.

Search Feature
This feature enables the user to find friends and fellow car enthusiasts. It also let the user search for vehicle brand, model and location or merely views random images of cars they like.

Popular Cars Category
This button will let the user know what car is popular in the world and within the community.

Top-rated Brands Category
This button will let the user know which car in the world is the most used and customized around the world and within the community

Photo Flagging
CarCrazee does not tolerate inappropriate photos, so this feature is dedicated for reporting inappropriate and invalid photos and the administrator considers this thing as report of abuse.

Want to know more about this app? Check this app at Apple Apps Store, or via its Official website here  or company website