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Control Systems Engineering by Norman Nise 6th edition

Control System is one of the major subjects for Electronics Engineering and other allied courses. As the name implies it is basically the study of "Control System and Applications". One of the best textbook for this subject is the Control System Engineering by Norman Nise. As for us, the ETEEAP students, the fifth edition is the textbook reference.

According to Amazon, the Control System Engineering by Norman Nise 6th Edition is "Highly regarded for its accessible writing and practical case studies, Control Systems Engineering is the most widely adopted textbook for this core course in Mechanical and Electrical engineering programs. This new sixth edition has been revised and updated with 20% new problems and greater emphasis on computer-aided design." The last publication was on 

Here's the positive review of this book by  John Culbertson.
"I ordered this as a supplement to my upper division mechanical feedback controls class and was very pleased. This book is very readable and after getting it was able to work through the first hundred or so pages with ease. Readability is the number one factor I look for in a text and I was pleased with this one. There were a few minor errors in some of the examples, which I was surprised to see given the that this book is in its 6th edition. Over all, great book, the best of three that I have used. Highly recommended."
And here's the negative review of this book by an engineering student.
"As a student perhaps i have a different perspective from others who have reviewed this book. I own several other controls books and am not impressed by this one. The author has a way or taking straightforward ideas and drawing them out in ways that make them hard to grasp. For the $185 dollars i paid for this book i would expect information presented in a clear way that makes a serious attempt at teaching. Sadly, i find myself consulting Wikipedia or other free resources before this book when i have a problem. Sometimes it seems textbook authors feel like they must present material in hard abstruse ways to be taken seriously. Not worth the money. I think that professors look at this book and say "this is great. It contains everything i want to teach". Students look at this book and say "I have no idea what this book is trying to tell me". The difference is that the professors already know the material while the students are trying to learn it for the first time."
I have been searching in the internet for the possible free e-books but unfortunately I couldn't find. Most of the links being gave by most blogs or websites are nothing but ad-serve links. Some download links that can be found in the internet just hanged up when I tried downloading while some just could not be opened. The rest required you to be a member of their website and worst some will ask payment from you by being a premium member.

How about you? Have you found any website? Do you have an e-book of Control System Engineering by Norman Nise? Please share it.

Update: I found this link providing download of e-book Control System Engineering by Norman S. Nise 6th Edition.