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My View 40" Full HD LED Smart TV 40PX150: Overview

My View 40" Full HD LED Smart TV 40PX150 is now priced Php18,999 at Lazada Philippines online store. Its price now is discounted 26% from original price of Php25,599.For this super low price, this Smart TV is really tempting to buy considering that its competitor's price is way too high. 
But how about the quality of this appliance? I tried searching in the internet about the review of this appliance but it seems this brand is not yet popular. I found one review about this brand from user of PinoyDVD website but it is not actually about the "Smart TV" but nonetheless it can give us the taste of this brand. 

I quoted the opinion of the said user here.
"looks small for a 40" display as the frame thickness is about 1cm only..very hard to video calibrate as settings are limited to contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness, temperature (cool, med, warm)... no RGB control.. looks good in ps3 gaming and animated hd movies (with high contrast and mid brightness settings).  but for non-animated hd movies, i cannot find a setting that would satisfy my preferred cinema-look.. details on dark scenes are lost if brightness settings are set low to mid.. setting it higher to see the details, too bright for me.. plasma is still great for me in movies.. cable tv is still acceptable, but I would prefer a digibox connection rather than direct to antenna connection (this unit can auto tune to proper channel numbering unlike my other display which is a samsung plasma).. i would recommend this tv as secondary display only and if mainly for gaming.. kahit matagalang laro dito, di ka matatakot na sa image retention (kung nasanay ka na sa plasma) at dahil sa 3years warranty.."
 Apart from the quoted opinion from the said user, no more other reviews are can be found in the internet right now. The demo video of this Smart TV is available in YOUTUBE but as we all know, this too is not reliable source of information.