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Olympus T100 Digital Camera now priced Php3,199

Olympus T100 12MP Digital Camera is  now priced Php3,199 at Lazada Philippines Online Store. It is originally priced Php 5,999 but now it is discounted 47%. 
Here's the feature of this digital camera.
10MB internal storage
Weight 4.3 ounces
Battery Life 190 shots
12 Megapixels
4x Digital zoom
2" Screen size
ISO Sensitivity 1600
Image Stabilization
Red Eye Correction
Shutter Speed (fastest) 1/2000 seconds
Facial Recognition
Dimensions 3.7 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches
Optical Zoom 3 x

According to review in PC Mag by Jim Fisher last 2011, the positive sides of this camera includes the inexpensive prize, compact build, sharp lens and, finally it had a rechargeable battery. On the Cons, this camera is slow in terms of performance, easily affected by noise, has short zoom range, and has comparatively low resolution LCD. Furthermore based on review (Fisher, 2011), the camera is really slow which takes almost 4.4 second to boot and capture image. It also pauses for about 3.8 seconds between shots. While there are other options out there, the author of the review still consider this Olympus T100 as a nice camera. If our purpose for the camera is just occasional, then the author suggest that we might find this digital camera great as well.