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Cherry Mobile Flare Battery Issue: Overheating and Draining too Fast

Cherry Mobile Flare is one of the most talked about smartphone of Cherry Mobile. It is also the most-sold unit, perhaps beating the branded smartphone in the Philippines.
One of the most after sales complaints of Flare users are the battery issues. It just easily drains out with normal usage. Well, lucky for you if your unit is still functioning after months of purchased. Some even said that they also encountered problems during charging process. Others said they need to charge the phone 3-4 times daily. So how to deal with this problem? First, if your phone is working perfectly as of this time, never attempt to upgrade the software. Avoid rooting the phone because it will void warranty and can lead to other problems. If you can afford to buy extra battery then why not try? But some users in various forum would rather suggests buying power bank so that you can charge while on the go. Another option to solve battery issue is to download some battery saver apps from Google Play. In my personal experience, I would suggest to set your screen display brightness to minimum. Hope suggestions helps.