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3 Reasons Why I doubt O+(Plus) Phones as American brand

If you are accustomed to watching the all-time famous noon time show Eat Bulaga, then most probably you are very much familiar with O-Plus mobile phone brand. O+ (Plus) USA is one of the hottest mobile phone brands in the Philippines today. In fact, during its sale of several Android phones in SM North EDSA, the buyers were so overwhelming. According to the official Facebook page of the brand, "O+ is a technology company in the United States who aims to cultivate breeds of technophile all over the world, starting with the world’s busiest mobile phone hub - Asia.". This statement is quite confusing. Does it mean this brand is an American brand?  Some tech bloggers actually likened this brand to Apple. As we all knew, iPhone is a certified American brand but manufactured in China. Well, I really doubt O+ as American brand phone and I have the reasons below.
1. Just look at the website of this company.( It is the most poorly constructed website from supposedly a hi-tech company I have ever seen. It loads very slowly, and the design was as if  not owned by a tech company. This is not typical to an American brand. 
Update: O Plus USA website was already redesigned. It now looks great and loads faster compared to its former original setting. 
2. Several local tech bloggers in the country today has excellent reviews of their products. Well, I personally had encountered with O Plus phone. The design was great. The features are almost complete for the cheap price. But what made me doubt it as American brand are the negative comments of some users after the reviews. I can also read negative comments (errors, problems) from users of this mobile phone brand straight from its Facebook page. You will seldom find negative comments, especially errors or defects, from American brand like Apple just month or days after buying the products. Those errors  problems, and quality issues being encountered by some users are typical to China brand smartphone.  OK, some will argue that those were just isolated cases, or perhaps black propaganda. But in my opinion, assuming those comments from users was true as it seems (who will waste their time anyway bad mouthing about a certain product if not for their bad experience).
Update:  O Plus USA phones and tablets are getting better. As I scanned different reviews and comments about the latest released smartphones and tablet of the company, mostly are positive. 
3. They said that O Plus is an "American technology company" but it seems nobody from USA knew that this brand or company exist. Just try searching this brand in Google and you will find no information except from its Facebook page and local blog sites in the Philippines.
Update: This is the only reason left why I am not convinced that O plus USA is indeed an American brand. 

China brand is known for its low quality and the opposite is for USA brand. Ok, most products including phones are "manufactured" in China because of cheap labor there. This is the strategy of other company as well like Apple Inc. The research and design however was being done in US because that is the most critical stage in product development. In contrast, China brand products (with the exception of some brand recognized worldwide) were all processed in China and mostly imitated on technology from USA, Japan and other hi-tech countries. I hope O+ Plus USA will provide more information about their products. Are their products made the same way with Apple or with that of Cherry Mobile or Myphone?