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Free Internet on Android phone via Smartnet (Philippines)

For almost a year now, I am getting free internet connection on my Android phone via Droidvpn. But free internet using Droidvpn is limited only to 100mb data cap. After reaching the said limit, you are now unable to connect to internet. One of my workmates has discovered new trick. For several days now, they are getting free internet connection on their Android phone. One of them has discovered the trick via using the free application called Smartnet by Smart Communications- Telecom company in the Philippines. Smartnet is an application originally designed by the said  telecom which offered free browsing of Yahoo services, Facebook connection and the Smartnet portal itself. Below is the step or the procedure they made for the said trick.

1. Download the Smartnet app via Google Play Store.
2. Using your Personal Computer or mobile phone, go to and sign up. 
3. After signing up, you will receive a verification text, input the said verification code or  click the link.
4. Open the Smartnet, on the Settings icon placed below as seen on the image click it and then link your Facebook and Yahoo account.
5. That's it. You can now access the internet for free using your Android phone. Please comment below if this tutorial works for you. Remember use only a Smart Buddy SIM card. They said it didn't work on Talk n Text SIM.

Update: This is not working anymore.