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Make Money Online: It's Possible by ranking first on Google

Imagine the situation right now. Supposed you don't have any money in your pocket like most everyone in this world. What you only have is your ability to connect to the internet via computer and little skills in writing a simple composition.

What if you create your own blog free hosted by Google's blogging platform Blogger? Imagine one of your compositions rank number one in most highly competitive keyword in Google search such as "make money online"? If that happened then you can earn as much as thousands of dollars monthly. What am I saying is that there is an endless possibility to get rich or at least to earn a decent living through the internet for free? The moment I heard the story about making money online, the very first thing which came into my head was doubt. How could one earn online?
It's just a scam, a joke and a daydream. But then, I tried. I created my very own personal blog. I applied for AdSense and luckily, I was accepted into their advertising program. With little knowledge in SEO, I just write and write several articles. The experience was fruitful as I begun earning already with little effort. Month ago, I was able to cash out my very first payment from AdSense- my first earned money online. That's earned by blog with less traffic. Going back to the question, what if I wrote an article which landed on the first place on Google search result with competitive keyword where advertisers pay the highest bid to Google?

That means huge traffic and as we all knew, blog traffic is directly proportional to AdSense earning. Perhaps, I am just carried away by my passion in earning money online through blogging but who knows? It may not be today. It may require more time. I may be required to spend more resources. But what if today is my luck. What if this garbage article ranks first on Google search for make money online? Everything is possible. Making money online is real.