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Cannot move apps to SD card with Samsung Galaxy S4: A Problem or Not?

While browsing the web, specifically the Android Central forum, one issue about Samsung Galaxy S4 caught my attention. According to one user, he/she is encountering inconvenience with regard to his/her use of Samsung Galaxy S4 which was just bought couple of weeks ago. The said problem or inconvenience is about the inability to transfer apps from phone to SD Card (Cannot move apps to SD card with Samsung Galaxy S4). 

Does the said issue a problem? Well, definitely yes. Some of the users in the forum claimed that the said issue has something to do with the Google’s Android operating system. They said that it was not about the hardware or Samsung Mobile. This is true. In the older version of Android such as the Ice Cream Sandwich and Froyo, one can easily transfer apps from phone memory to SD Card by just following simple steps as follows: Go to Settings; tap manage applications, just select any app then tap the “move to SD Card menu. 

Based on the advised of some users, the said problem can be solved by rooting the said device. But as we all know, rooting the device will void the warranty so I advise no to. Anyway, Samsung Galaxy S4 has massive storage of 32/64 Gig and memory will not be an issue for most users. If you think this problem is a big issue, then there are so many choices available in the market right now. Technology is rapidly changing. Google will surely fix this issue soon.