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Android Market app missing on HTC Desire after update

Missing Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) is a common problem of Android phones. It is being encountered on almost all brands and HTC Desire is one of those phones. This problem is usually happening after factory reset but as reported on O2 community forum, this could also happen after updating the phone operating system to later version.

Member of O2 Community forum revealed that HTC Desire Android Market was missing after he updated his phone to later version of Android 2.2 operating system. Based on the narration, everything on the phone is working well except for the fact that Google Play Store or Android Market was missing. How to solve this issue? This problem can be solving by Hard Reset or factory reset. Unfortunately, hard reset will wipe out all the data on the phone including contacts and other stored on the phone. This could also lead to temporary inability to download in Google Play for days.