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Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 : Problems and Quality Issues

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest flagship smartphone from Korean mobile phone giant. It was just released early this year. But just like any other phone in the market right now, this phone is not flawless when it comes to problems and errors. Below are some of the inconveniences being encountered by various users of this device.

1.Network Signal Problem. According to some users in Android Central, they had encountered  mobile signal network problem. The phone had this issue called "No Service- Error Searching Networks." 
2.Overheating Issue. Some articles in the web suggest solutions to this problem. 
3. Lag issue
4. Insufficient memory
5. Battery life issue. One article I have read in the web revealed that 2600maH battery capacity is not enough to supply 5.0" display of smartphone like the Galaxy S4. 
6. Issues on staying connected on 4G. This issue was also revealed by a user in Android Central forum. According to one user, the phone is reverting to 3G signal in the place where the other phone had no issue with 4G signal connectivity.

Those mentioned problem above are just some of the inconveniences being encountered by users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500. How about you? What problem number from above have you encountered with Galaxy S4. Please share your story.