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How to fix insufficient memory storage in MyPhone, Cherry Mobile?

You have just found an interesting app from Google Play store. After reading the information and reviews about it, you are now about to download it. Unfortunately, during download process, an unexpected error popped out in your phone screen saying you have no insufficient memory storage in your device "Error Downloading There is insufficient space on the device". How could that be? 
You still have huge memory available on it. The phone only get a few apps on it, just few music and photos, and nowhere near your size limit. But you really couldn't download any app, even the one with small byte on it.

So again, you did check your device memory status to ensure you really have enough memory space in your device for the new app. And yes, you still have. In fact according to phone statistics, you still have a whopping GB amount of data memory available. And the app you are downloading is just an KB file size. So now what to do?

According to IT World, Insufficient Storage Available is one of the most common Android device annoyances. It happened not just on local brand phone in the Philippines like Cherry Mobile, Myphone, Torque, and among others but likewise in some very popular brands.

I personally experienced this problem on  Myphone Rio.

The said article suggested from IT World suggests 6 ways to solve this error but I only picked the one which had worked for me.

Clear out the cache on your apps
Head to Settings, then choose Apps. Flick over to the "Downloaded" section, if necessary. Look for a little Menu button, maybe in the upper-right corner or at the bottom, and choose "Sort by size." There you have it: a reverse-order list of which apps are taking up the most space. This one worked in my case. According to the author, Android apps consume phone memory in several ways such as the core App, the Data the app generates, and cache, or temporary working files.

Install Unnecessary Apps
Check your phone and you will find out  several installed apps on it which you  rarely use in real life. All you  have to do is to uninstall it and don't forget to delete also the app folder on the device.

Force your phone to allow SD installations
As default, all Android powered device is set to have new apps installed in the device memory. This is so because there are apps which  required some files within the system of the phone.

There you have it. The said ways had worked on me. But it may be won't for you as the problem "insufficient memory storage" is a common problem and those solutions have mixed result from those who had tried.