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How to go to Civil Service Commission Banawe-NCR?

The Civil Service Commission regional office in Metro Manila is one of the most visited government offices in the National Capital Region. It is the office where one can file application for the Career Service Professional Exam Paper and Pencil Test to become eligible working in any government agency or office. After the applicants passed the said exam, this office is the place also to claim the Certificate of Eligibility. I was one of the passers in Civil Service Commission's Career Service Professional Exam last 2010. But it took me more than two years before I was able to get the certification from the said agency. One of the reasons it took me so long before getting the document was the proximity of the place, and I didn't knew before how to get there. Just like you, I made a research in the internet on how to go to Civil Service Commission in Banawe Quezon City.

How to go to Civil Service Commission in Banawe, Quezon City?

The Civil Service Commission Regional Office is located along Kaliraya St., in Banawe, Quezon City. It is very easy to get in the said place. I will teach you the best way on how to commute, so just continue reading. I do not recommend commuting via Taxi to reach the said destination because the area is very prone to traffic congestion. But, if you have plenty of budget, then why not? If you are located somewhere in southern part of Metro Manila like me, in Taguig or Pasay, the best option is to ride via MRT. You have to descend from MRT right in Quezon Avenue station, walk a little more to cross the Quezon Avenue overpass. Then, ride on a jeepney with Quiapo or Welcome Rotunda signage. If you are on a rush, try FX. You have to tell the driver to stop at Banawe Avenue. Crossing a bridge on the way is the sign that you are nearing the Banawe Avenue. Right at the corner of Banawe Avenue is the McDonald restaurant and an overpass. You have to cross the Banawe Avenue overpass, opposite the direction of McDonald, and walk into the said avenue. There's also a tricycle terminal near the area so you may opt to ride, but I suggest you to just walk because the office is just a corner away. Kaliraya St. is actually the second corner, a few meters from the main entrance of the avenue.